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Frost Custom Brass

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Breslmair Rim to Frost Cup or Underpart Adapter

You can use Breslmair threaded rims on your Bach* threaded cup and underpart sections.

The adapter, pictured center, threads onto the Bach* threaded cup or underpart section, then the Breslmair threaded rim threads onto the adapter. 

*Bach threads are compatible with Frost and Parke.
Frost Backbore to Diorio/Tottle Backbore Adapter

You can use your Frost threaded* backbore on your Diorio/Tottle threaded top or cup section.

The adapter, pictured left center, threads onto the Frost threaded* backbore then a Diorio/Tottle threaded cup or top can thread onto the adapter. 

*Frost backbore threads are compatible with Warburton, Parke, Pickett, Kanstul, among others.

*To accept the adapter the 'blank' of the backbore needs to be 'turned down' 0.050". The backbore will still work with Frost cups and tops without the adapter. Alteration of the backbore is included with the adapter. 
Bach Taper Flugelhorn to Trumpet Adapter

An adapter allowing use of a Bach tapered flugelhorn mouthpiece on trumpet.