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Thane Bottom Valve Caps

Thane Bottom Valve Caps come in sets of three:

0.300" cylindrical
0.375" cylindrical
0.350" knurled
0.450" curved

Three finishes:

brushed raw brass
brushed silver plated
brushed gold plated

Many players feel bottom valve caps change how the trumpet sounds and feels. O-rings are available as well.  O-rings, placed on the valve prior to screwing on the cap, allow the player to finely adjust the valve cap tension, fine tuning how the trumpet sounds and feels to play.  Some prefer o-rings, others do not...experiment! Often players prefer extra weight on one, two, or three of the valves.

Thane Bottom Valve Caps
Performance or Standard
Bottom Valve Cap Rings

Bottom Valve Cap Rings go on the bottom of the valve casing before the valve cap is threaded on. The added weight fine tunes the way the trumpet plays to suit the player. Some players prefer rings on all three valves, while others prefer one ring on the third valve, etc.
Black Delrin
Thane Bottom Valve Cap Rings