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Frost Custom Brass

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Piccolo Trumpet Leadpipes

Frost Custom Brass piccolo trumpet leadpipes for Schilke P5-4, Kanstul 920, and Blackburn Short Bell piccolo trumpets. They accept cornet shank mouthpieces:


1 - A lively and compact sound with a more compact resistance than the stock pipe. When played lightly it makes long passage upper register work easier. The intonation is very good.

2 - Very good intonation with a resistance that is similar to the stock pipe and a beautiful ringing sound.

3 - A more open resistance than the stock pipe with a larger sound. The intonation is very good.


L - Similar to the stock weight, allowing a secure feel and the ability to control the color of the sound.

M - More mass than the L weight, about 5 grams, allowing the player to "push" on the sound and resistance more. Players that prefer adding a small amount of weight to their piccolo trumpet mouthpiece shanks will like the M weight.

H - More mass than the M weight, about 5 grams. It is more difficult to play light and bright with the H weight, conversely it is darker, has a stronger sensation of security, and can take more volume. 

Piccolo Trumpet Leadpipe Screws

Piccolo trumpet leadpipe thumb screws are available in brass, steel, or bronze. 
Brass and silver screw for Shires

Left to right: H weight, M weight, L weight.
Steel screw on Schilke P5-4 with 
Frost A2L pipe