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Bottom Valve Caps

Stock Bottom Valve Caps come in sets of three, in four sizes:

Cylindrical 0.300"
Cylindrical 0.375"

Available in:

Silver Plated Brass
Black Delrin

Many players feel bottom valve caps change how the trumpet sounds and feels.  With each set of valve caps a set of O-rings are included.  O-rings, placed on the valve prior to screwing on the cap, allow the player to finely adjust the valve cap tension, fine tuning how the trumpet sounds and feels to play.  Some prefer o-rings, others do not...experiment! Often players prefer extra weight on one, two, or three of the valves. 
Valve Cap Material
Knurled Aluminum

How to Install O-rings

Start without bottom valve caps on the valve casing(s).
Slide the o-ring over the threads on the valve casing.
Thread on the valve cap until it touches the 0-ring.  Try tightening a further quarter turn, then half, etc...find what combination works best. 
Knurled Bronze