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Frost Custom Brass

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Trumpet Cornet & Trumpet Flugel Mouthpieces

TC & TF mouthpieces are available as:

One Piece TC & TF Mouthpiece
Underpart Section TC & TF
Rim Sections

Individual pieces are compatible with other manufacturers.  Rims and underparts have Bach threads (other threadings are available as a special order).

The backbores for each cup (TC and TF) are designed to balance with each specific cup resulting in a mouthpiece that makes soft playing a snap with great sound and intonation. 

SThe standard rim shape in the FCB line. A comfortable shape with a mild bite, excellent articulation, flexability, and endurance.
OAn "orchestral" rim shape with more (sharper) bite than the "S" rim, a "1X" style.
WSimilar to the Standard rim, but slightly wider.
TCA cornet style cup making a great hybrid mouthpiece for soft playing.
TFA flugel style cup making a warm toned hybrid mouthpiece that converts your trumpet to near flugel like in quality.
Sizing Chart
Size Diameter Rim Cup Backbore Equivalent Feel
1 0.650 S, O, W
TC, TF 1
2 0.645 S, O, W TC, TF TC, TF 1 1/4
3 0.640 S, O, W TC, TF TC, TF 1 1/4
4 0.635 S, O, W TC, TF TC, TF 1 1/2
5 0.630 S, O, W TC, TF TC, TF 1 1/2, 3
6 0.625 S, O, W TC, TF TC, TF 3, 5, 6, 7
7 0.620 S, O, W TC, TF TC, TF 10 1/2